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Welcome to the Esoteric Order
<Esoteric Order> is a Star Wars The Old Republic RP Guild, located on the Darth Malgus European server.
It's a mystical military order dedicated to gaining Dark knowledge and power by searching for ancient artifacts and rituals throughout the Galaxy, and using this knowledge to reveal the traitors inside the Empire.

To learn more about what Role-Play is inside the <Esoteric Order>, please check our RP Guidelines.

If you're interested in joining our Guild, you'll have to know that it's a casual, relaxed, fun & friendly RP Guild, with weekly RP events.
You can learn more about us by heading over to the Guild FAQ.

Alright, you're still here and wan to join us ?
Excellent !
The first step is to apply to the Guild in-game by whispering (or sending a mail) to Graz'zt or any of the other Officers, and we'll contact you for a little talk just to see if you're gonna have fun with us and if we're gonna have fun with you !

Once you're accepted into the Guild, you will be granted the title "Acolyte" and be in a sort of trial period, and to become a full member (a Dark Templar) you only have to register on this website !

So now, feel free to explore our website, browse the images, post on the Forums, check out our Stronghold, and see you in game !
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