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Here is a little Template Form that you can use (or not, or part of it, as you wish, everything in here is completely optional !) to tell us a bit more about your characters :)

What would be nice would be to create only one thread for all of your alts, so that :
a) we know who's who
b) we don't have a 165-pages long character forum ;)

Alright here we go :


Picture (you can use sites like imgur for free hosting)

• Strength (STR): Strength is a measure of muscle, endurance and stamina combined.
• Dexterity (DEX): Dexterity encompasses a number of physical attributes including eye–hand coordination, agility, reflexes, fine motor skills, balance and speed of movement.
• Constitution (CON): Constitution is a term which encompasses the character's physique, toughness, health and resistance to disease and poison.
• Intelligence (INT): Intelligence is similar to IQ, but also includes mnemonic ability, reasoning and learning ability outside those measured by the written word
• Wisdom (WIS): Wisdom is a composite term for the character's enlightenment, judgment, wile, willpower and intuitiveness.
• Charisma (CHA): Charisma is the measure of the character's combined physical attractiveness, persuasiveness, and personal magnetism. A generally non-beautiful character can have a very high charisma due to strong measures of the other two aspects of charisma.

Attributes go from 1 to 20, 20 being the maximum mortal ability score, so our Inquisitors should probably have maximum scores of 18/19 if they're very good at one particular thing (after all, most of us are heroes, but we're probably not the best mortal beings ever on the Galaxy :p )

Powers & Weaknesses




Alignment (more info here)

Occupation (this is different from your Class, as it shows what your character is "really" doing for a living)

Appearance details of note


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