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Character name (main character) :

Where does this name come from :
Graz'zt is a Demon Prince in Dungeons & Dragons, and it has been my nickname for many years now, I even have it as a tatoo on my arm 😉

Real name :
Kweethulaqshy'y (and that's actually a real existing name, well at least in an alternate universe, can you guess from where ?)

Age :
Way too old 😎

Location :
Paris, France, the city of love !

Real-life job or studies :
High-school Student Counselor.

How long have you been playing SWTOR :
Since Beta, in 2011 ! (with lots of breaks to be honest)

What do you enjoy in SWTOR :
The Star Wars universe first and foremost, and our personal stories !
I'm really not a big fan of this whole Eternal Empire thing, both about the gameplay (it's just a cinematic single-player video game) and the story (it has almost nothing to do with the "real" Star Wars anymore), so I'm only playing the "base" game for now, but that's just my own opinion, feel free to disagree !

How long have you been playing MMORPGs and which ones did you play :
I started with Star Wars Galaxies in 2004 (pre-CU, pre-NGE, pre-everything), which was (and still is, in many ways) the absolute best MMORPG there was.
Just imagine a skill-based sandbox game, without any class or any level, where everything comes from players, set in the Star Wars universe, where you can be a fighter, a space pilot, a bounty hunter, but also an entertainer, a medic, a crafter, a vendor, a creature handler, where you can join the Empire or the Rebellion and get to meet Jabba The Hutt, Darth Vader, The Emperor, Han Solo, Chewbacca, where you can build your own house, your own Guild hall, and even your own player towns and elect a mayor !
Woah, those were the days 😳
Unfortunately, Star Wars Galaxies went to hell in November 2005 with what they called the New Game Enhancement which turned this awesome game into some kind of WoW-clone for 12 year old kids ... John Smedley, Sony Online's CEO, has since then apologized for what probably was the biggest mistake in the MMO history.
So, like thousands and thousands of people, I left the game, and tried a lot of other ones : City of Heroes, The Matrix Online, RF Online, WoW, Perfect World, Archlord, Requiem, ...
I finally found a new home with Lineage II and I stuck there for a long while. It was an excellent, rich, and deep game, but at some point the grind became really unbearable and bashing the same mobs for hours and hours to gain 0,5% XP was really not fun at all.
I then switched to yet some other MMOs (The Lord of the Rings Online, Fallen Earth, Warhammer Online), and ended up creating the biggest European RP Guild on TERA, called Templars of Dawn, which is still alive and kicking after more than 4 years !
But after 4 years I need a change in scenery, so here I am on SWTOR with the Dark Inquisition !

Which upcoming MMORPGs are you looking for :
Probably Chronicles of Elyria, it seems really different and promising ... if it ever gets released

Did you play any pen-and-paper RPG :
Yes, I started playing the old and venerable Dungeons & Dragons game (the Red Box, for those who know what i'm talking about) in 1983, back in Junior High !
I quickly switched to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons one year later, which was a bit more deep and complex, and even if I've tried a lot of other RPGs since then (Call of Chtulu, Vampire the Masquerade, Cyberpunk, Kult, Warhammer, ...) I still play Dungeons & Dragons today, in its 5th Edition !

Other real-life hobbies & activities :
I run a small music label (rock/metal), I'm in charge of some music fan-clubs, I create some websites here and there, I do some horse-riding on the weekends, I love going to Los Angeles & Las Vegas during my vacation ... life's tough, right ?? 😉

Anything else you'd like to add :
I think it has been long enough, I hope it hasnt been too painful for those reading it !
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